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Level 4 Brand Agent- Oregon

  2023-03-22     MyBrandForce     Coquille,OR  

MyBrandForce is revolutionizing retail execution with the power of a nationwide, on-demand workforce.

Join the Force!

When you join MyBrandForce, you'll complete local retail assignments for well-known brands using your smartphone.

You can choose your assignments, set your own schedule, and grow your career at your own pace.

How it Works

Using the MyBrandForce app, you'll complete assignments by taking photos, completing surveys, and adjusting product displays at local stores.

Job Description

In a typical assignment, you will:

  • Arrive at a retail store and contact the store manager.
  • Locate your assigned product display and record its location and placement using your smartphone.
  • Photograph each product, then adjust their position on the shelf according to your assignment description.
  • Document your work, then upload your images to the MyBrandForce app.

You'll complete a typical assignment in 15 minutes, and earn between $20-$30. Over the course of a day, you could earn $50-$60/hour!

You can complete assignments over a 48-hour time period, and set your own working radius. Flexible schedules mean it's easy to slip in a mission or two whenever you'd like!

The more assignments you complete, the more opportunities you will have access to!


To become a Brand Agent, you'll need:

  • A smartphone with a clear, functional camera
  • Reliable transportation
  • The ability to work independently

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Customer service experience
  • Familiarity with a mobile internet browser
  • Comfortable engaging with strangers

Once you become a Brand Agent, you can level up with our Brand Academy. With this free in-app resource, you can unlock higher-paying assignments and learn marketable skills to build your long-term career.

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